Tired of worrying about cleaning?

Your brain is hi-jacked by the job, the side hustle, the to-do list, meal planning for the week, mom's birthday, cousin Fred's retirement party, and the peace rally in Love Park. Reclaim your time and brain cells by letting us take Cleaning off your hands.

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for the messy part of your life.

You no longer have to pretend like you don't see the dust bunnies forming an uprising in the corner. We've made scheduling easy, and getting the service you want, is even easier.


Select the service you want to receive.


Share with us the details of your space and your preferences for your service.


Schedule your service.

Amazing customer experiences are our greatest marketing tool

Since we're also consumers of services, we know that there's service that's ok, there's awful service and then, there are those incredible service experiences that you want to tell everyone about. From the very beginning, we sought to infuse a collection of our absolute best customer service experiences into the service we provide.

Our Work

No two spaces are the same, we have the honor of contributing in a really neat way to revealing the beauty of each space we enter to clean.

Our Services

Thanks to the technological revolution, we've all reached our capacity for consuming content, and deciding what gets our attention every nano second of each day. Our chief aim at Clever Clean is to make it as easy as possible, to select and schedule your perfect service. The rest is even easier, you get to kick back and do...well, nothing!


Let’s be honest, all contractors are not created equally. But even if you have the most precise contractors around, it’s pretty standard for there to be things like debris, residue, and paint splashes, left behind after construction is done.

We provide meticulous and high quality service that reveals the beauty of your investment.

Tenant Turn-Over

Whether you’re an Investor, a Real Estate Agent or, a Property Manager, we’re willing to bet you didn’t sign up to assume the role of cleaning properties to get them move in ready. A las, it must get done… But by all means, you’d prefer to let someone else handle it. Lucky for you, we have a pretty sweet partnership with our customers.


We love partnering with other business owners to provide specialized solutions for the maintenance and management needs of the spaces they occupy. We provide services to independently owned commercial spaces such as industrial offices, retail spaces, and shared working spaces.
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