Our story.

In a world that's quickly becoming overly complicated and overly saturated with fluff, Our Mission is Simple...

Create REAL solutions for REAL problems!


We started Clever Clean, out of our desire to satisfy a Service Delivery gap that we observed within our city's local Cleaning Industry. We saw an opportunity to provide a personalized customer experience. One that reinforces with each interaction, our commitment to showing how much we value our customers as well as our determination to provide impeccable service.


The company's partners all reside in West Philadelphia, an area that is booming with residential and commercial development. Given the proximity to all of this exciting development, we were exposed to Investors, Contractors, and Real Estate Agents who spoke candidly about the types of services that are required to pull these projects together. We noticed a theme in many of these conversations...


The cleaning services provided, were inconsistent, unreliable, and unsatisfactory. But often times, timelines were extremely crunched so, they found themselves at the mercy of these Cleaning Companies, ultimately accepting these standards in order to hurriedly get to their next and most critical milestone...generating revenue.


While we realize, our fellow Cleaning Services may not have been totally to blame for the less than favorable service experiences we were constantly hearing about, there was no doubt- a breakdown somewhere in the Customer Service Experience and Service Delivery components of these transactions.


Having had previous experience in the Cleaning Industry, the partners at Clever Clean, saw an awesome opportunity to come alongside Investors, Contractors, and Real Estate Agents to form a synergistic partnership. One that's built on trust, integrity, a stellar service experience, and also a mutual commitment to invest in the people who make up our local workforce.


Since starting Clever Clean, the way we've chosen to approach doing business and providing our service, has created many more opportunities for us to expand our Service Offerings into a larger spectrum of Commercial Spaces as well as providing Residential Cleaning Services.

Our Customer.

We realize that our customers are human beings, FIRST! They’re people who desire to be respected and valued. They’re people who juggle many different roles in their lives. They’re people who dare to expect to receive the service they’re paying for. They’re people who appreciate the peace of mind in knowing they’re receiving this service from a company they can trust.

Our Employees.

We view our role as an employer as an opportunity to invest meaningfully in lives of others. We care about being the vehicle through which our employees are able to provide for themselves and their families. But we care more about our ability, with the help of our community partners, to equip them to navigate the “business of life.”

We place emphasis on adequately addressing challenges with Mental Health, developing basic and critical Life Skills, becoming more Financially Literate, and ultimately creating a life of greater intentionality both professionally and personally.

Each time we bring someone on board, we say “help us, help you.” We’re always ready and eager to hold up our end of the bargain.

Our Community.

We’ve lived long enough to have observed the cycles of life. Tomorrow’s joys and sorrows are hinged upon the decisions of today.

We believe in making positive investments in our community through doing good business, establishing reciprocal partnerships, and pouring resources into developing individuals who currently exist along the margins of society.

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."
– Ryunosuke Satoro

The Clever Partners

We’re friends. We’re partners in business. We are aligned in our mission to operate in integrity and create amazing customer experiences. And also worth noting, we love our city!


Carolyn Johnson


Noel Parnell

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